Blog - agosto 21, 2023

Amanda Tovalin: Música Verde (Green Music) – Edinburgh Fringe Online review

taken from: Amanda Tovalin: Música Verde (Green Music) is a short concert in which musician, Amanda Tovalin explores her relationship with all things green and natural through song. The concert is performed with Spanish and English narration, with all song lyrics in Spanish, and is available to watch with Spanish, English and Portuguese subtitles.
The concert opens with a philosophical narration over a background of haunting flute, played by Gastón Artigas. The narration immediately brings the theme of the concert to the fore, with the inextricable link between humans and the natural world being outlined and what the deterioration of that relationship means for our lives. The concert is performed in a low-lit studio with projections of the natural world shown behind the three musicians as a reminder of what the concert is about. Tovalin records elements of her singing and playing, then mixing these elements with further live vocal or playing as she goes. This gives the concert a very natural feeling and mirrors that of nature as different environmental elements come together to build up the whole. She has a very strong singing voice and the harmonies created with her recorded backgrounds work particularly well as she uses her own voice to give depth and vibrancy to the songs. A talented musician, Tovalin performs on several instruments throughout the concert. Alonso Magaňa on guitar uses rasgueado technique to create a distinctive feeling to the music and, together with Tovalin’s vocals and Artigas’ flute, the song Nada is particularly beautiful and poignant. Amanda Tovalin: Música Verde (Green Music) is very short but creates almost a spiritual experience in its simplicity and Tovalin’s call to explore our natural world before it’s too late. The messages of the songs are enhanced by the accomplished musicians performing them, and the beautiful backgrounds reinforce the importance of the natural world. ¡Salir! Amanda Tovalin: Música Verde (Green Music) is being streamed by Edinburgh Fringe until 28 August 2023. Tickets are available here